Saturday, 29 December 2012

Moving my blog

New year is coming. My blog definitely need some refreshment. Oh well, I just move it to a new home

I am so excited to the new features, hope to see you around !!

Happy New Year !!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Crochet motif scarf

Motif dress is always in my wish list but never on the top of the list.

This festival seasons, somebody ask me to make motif scarf. How can I say not doing it ☺

Wog has requested me to make one for coming winter.

Vegetables flowers

Our vegetable is not ready yet, but it already provides us Food for mind.

Each one has different color and shape,it brings us smile and excitement.

Zucchini flower

Carrot flower


Spring onion

It is so beautiful and life just that simple.

We are waiting ........ our green....

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Smoked salmon salad with Homemade Garlic bread

Jamie Oliver 15 minutes n 30 minutes meal is very popular here. Actually, it gives us a lot of good ideas.
No matter how much you love to  cook, need to do it 5 days a week lunch and dinner plus working full time, it really feel headache.

Watching his show few times, i learnt this one -homemade garlic bread - simple and easy.

I just need to cut few lines horizontailly n vertically on the top of bread, chop some garlic put in inside and few drops of oliver oil, salt. Then put in oven 180 to 200 degree until golden brown.

Smoked salmon salad - salad veg  from garden + smoked salmon from supermarket + olive oil

Perfect summer meal

Friday, 19 October 2012

Crochet baby girl dress - starting from neckline

This is what i learnt this year, seamless crochet start from neckline.
why it is so special -- because all in one pieces, no need to sew the side edge, save some time.

I still haven't work it out how to knit from neckline. My mum and auntie said it is very easy, but they are so far away from me. So it may take me another year to learn that.

Here it is, I loved both styles. The orane /red one is cotton material, suitable for spring and autumn.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

vintage modern style

Pattern is from Panda Modern Vintage.

Material is Checkheaton natural cotton ply 8

I love the neck area and sleeves. The feeling is a bit heavy but it is very comfortable.

Short sleeve top Bamboo

This parttern is from Vogue crochet magazine. I have followed this magaize making couple items already, love it.

This is from Yoko Hatta - V-neck lace top, material is Stella bamboo.

It is a magic top, no matter me or my mum do fit perfectly.

As my mum knit so many tops and jumpers to me, this is my turn now.

I have brought it back to home and she can wear it in next summer.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Cable Front Capelet

This pattern is from Vogue Knitting winter 2011/ 2012.
It is my first time to try the cable project and use different color wool in sleeves. Easy pattern but looks so complicated.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Treasure Yourself

Not long time ago - I have said that I would not pick up any more self-help books. It is really not a issue to keep reading this kind of book but I think I know what to do if whatever happen, just like working out the Maths - I got the formula.

Honestly, how many of us could remember what to do during that particular time - mind went blank. 

This week, I pick up this "Treasure Yourself" by Miranda Kerr.

Do you think I am her fans.. NO... but I heard a lot about her and now is new spring/summar fashion seasons, she is in all DJ advertisment. By accident, I found that book.

It is very good to see someone working in a very complicated industry and still know how to take care herself and understand "Dignity".

Life has a lot of up and down, every turn has a lesson to learn. It is an universal message from the date we born - do you remember how we learn walking, we fall again and again and then able to walk and then run.

From her experience " I have the choice to be greatful for the time I had with him, instead of dwelling on losing him, and it made me realise that life is so fragile that we need to really live and appreciate every moment. It also taught me that no one can heal your pain but yourself and through the power of gratitude and acceptance I was able to move forward"

Of course, no one want to lose our loved one. However, when the time come, we do have to say goodbye without a choice.

It is our destiny to meet each other, know each other and have a lot of good time. It will always live in our hearts and memories.

Crochet mixed color Long tee

I have brought this wool for couple years. At the end, I found the right pattern for this.
I can't believe the same lot no but have different color.
It is a bit disappointed. But it still kept me warn and can wear it at home.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Say Hi to my blog

Such a long time, I haven't updated my blog.
Probably too many ideas and don't know where to start.In the past 10 months, i designed to create my wolly Facebook page.
I have read some research before, It has indicated that starting to write a blog, a website, sign up Etsy are very easy steps, but how many people can keep it and maintain it for more than 5 years ???????

When times go by, we just forget to keep in touch with our friends, our reglious, or the blog we have documented our life for a period of time.
After 10 months, i am very happy to the reponses of the Page even it doesnt have couple hundreds, thousands or millions Like - BUT you never know, everything is possible as long as you want it.

When I compare my last year knitting to this year, my skills definitely improve a lot, at least I finish and follow the pattern in each project, not let my creativity jump on the top.

I still love to do it, I believed I have some talent, so it will keep going.


Based on Oxford dictionary, it means "
(ensure against) make sure that (a problem) does not occur"

I don't really understand why people like to use this word in an email while we are as the same level. Besides that while you ask people helping you to resolve the issues, should they show some courtesy😡

Thirdly, the problem is created by others and I am the one to fix it, how I can ENSURE this is not happen again.

The excuse I can make for them - they don't really fully understand how to use this word at all.😱😱😱

New kitchen toy - juice extractor

We always think this spot will belong to a coffee machine,BUT obviously we change our mind as I feel somebody really need to boost his immune system💪, plus have discount at the moment. We'd better to make use this opportunity.

Apart from making juice, the pulp can use to make compose for garden or other dishes. It is quite interesting, I never thought about it.

Sunday, 5 February 2012








學得懂就上新一課,學不懂就再來一次. Life Lesson!
很久沒有看過三百多頁的中文字,實在太爽,温習和學習了很多中文字和詞: 如"惡搞" !!

台北書店 Taipei Bookstore


到了那間台北最大的書店, 安排好Marito坐下,書店有WiFi他可以慢慢玩.







你的書好似周圍都係.如果你的書不買得,不好看, 不會在最當眼的角落出现.