Monday, 26 July 2010

Creme Burlee Cheese Tart

The first time to make this tart, so far so good. Someone love food said to me, even the presentation didn't look good, the taste would not be too bad as long as follow the recipe (what's the meaning behind :)
I used Jamie Oliver's Shortcrust pastry, very tasty and easy to do. You can eat it without any filling - somebody finish it before the filling was made last time !!
Filling is Creme Burlee Cheese from one of blog friend.
Finally, made caramel at the surface of the tart.
It just complement the sweetness of this tart because I normally use less sugar..

第一次做tart , 不過不失. 某某同我說, 就算差極味道都應該吾錯. 因為佢想食呀, 哈哈.
Tart 皮是 Shortcrust pastry, 我係用Jamie Oliver 的recipe, 好易做. 上次未做好filling ,就己經食清了.
餡是用其中一個 blog 友的Creme Burlee Cheese Cake 的做法, 餅底換了tart 皮
最後在tart 面上做焦糖. 其實做焦糖都幾好, 我通常都減糖,
有時D味道差小小, 有焦糖係面就互補不足.

Sunday, 18 July 2010



我覺得中文名應叫農夫飽, 因為texture 幾粗, 同硬豬仔差不多. 如果你有去過French or Italian restaurant , 通常比D麵包dip with Oliver oil and balsamic vinegar, 就係D 個啦.

怕左Mr A 早上打開睇, 破壞我好事,寫番張note先.

足足發了18 小時, 由10 cm 發到20 cm diameter, 等到頸都長.

最後焗好, 還要resting 1小時, 到了這個階段我的耐性只可以維持多 20 mins.

個飽好香, 個皮就脆,中間就軟但heavy.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Happy Man Happy Meal - Pasta al forno

Pasta al forno - from The Siclian Kitchen" mention that "it is the sort of cooking men get married over"
How lucky am I, he is making it for me, haha.

It is similar to lasagne but used penne instead of a sheet of pasta and put eggplants in between.