Monday, 28 March 2011

Sneaker booties

今年好多兔仔兔女出世呀, 小鞋子一定用得著.

那麼小,一定好快鈎好, 但係比起織件衫更用神, 都鈎了好幾次先似D樣.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Long zucchini ( 很長的節瓜)

It is a kind of Italian zucchini. I have try to do some search but exactly name still can't find it.

Even it is long (more than 1 meter) but doesn't taste old or tough.
And the skin has a very soft hair, very interesting. (like 節瓜)

We also cook the young leaves and mix with small pasta like a soup.

Italian way - cook with tomato as usual with some herbs !

Friday, 4 March 2011

Hug-Me-Tight Shrug 外套

D件係我第一次睇pattern 織的外套. 第一次咁有耐性跟足指示. 非常高興.

如果你都想織D個pattern,就留comment. I am more than happy to share.
Have FUN !!

Yoghurt cake with latte ice-cream

Weather is getting cold now. It's the time to start the oven, warm up the house.

Fromage blanc cake - I call it yogurt cake because it is made by yoghurt.
The good thing about this cake is not using butter and it is very very light.

The recipe is from Citron et Vanille - Fromage blanc cake  

 My yoghurt cake is served with latte ice-cream.

Friday night, just can't afford any more time to make Silvia's stawberry sauce.