Saturday, 9 June 2012

Say Hi to my blog

Such a long time, I haven't updated my blog.
Probably too many ideas and don't know where to start.In the past 10 months, i designed to create my wolly Facebook page.
I have read some research before, It has indicated that starting to write a blog, a website, sign up Etsy are very easy steps, but how many people can keep it and maintain it for more than 5 years ???????

When times go by, we just forget to keep in touch with our friends, our reglious, or the blog we have documented our life for a period of time.
After 10 months, i am very happy to the reponses of the Page even it doesnt have couple hundreds, thousands or millions Like - BUT you never know, everything is possible as long as you want it.

When I compare my last year knitting to this year, my skills definitely improve a lot, at least I finish and follow the pattern in each project, not let my creativity jump on the top.

I still love to do it, I believed I have some talent, so it will keep going.

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