Saturday, 9 June 2012

Say Hi to my blog

Such a long time, I haven't updated my blog.
Probably too many ideas and don't know where to start.In the past 10 months, i designed to create my wolly Facebook page.
I have read some research before, It has indicated that starting to write a blog, a website, sign up Etsy are very easy steps, but how many people can keep it and maintain it for more than 5 years ???????

When times go by, we just forget to keep in touch with our friends, our reglious, or the blog we have documented our life for a period of time.
After 10 months, i am very happy to the reponses of the Page even it doesnt have couple hundreds, thousands or millions Like - BUT you never know, everything is possible as long as you want it.

When I compare my last year knitting to this year, my skills definitely improve a lot, at least I finish and follow the pattern in each project, not let my creativity jump on the top.

I still love to do it, I believed I have some talent, so it will keep going.


Based on Oxford dictionary, it means "
(ensure against) make sure that (a problem) does not occur"

I don't really understand why people like to use this word in an email while we are as the same level. Besides that while you ask people helping you to resolve the issues, should they show some courtesy😡

Thirdly, the problem is created by others and I am the one to fix it, how I can ENSURE this is not happen again.

The excuse I can make for them - they don't really fully understand how to use this word at all.😱😱😱

New kitchen toy - juice extractor

We always think this spot will belong to a coffee machine,BUT obviously we change our mind as I feel somebody really need to boost his immune system💪, plus have discount at the moment. We'd better to make use this opportunity.

Apart from making juice, the pulp can use to make compose for garden or other dishes. It is quite interesting, I never thought about it.