Sunday, 12 August 2012

Treasure Yourself

Not long time ago - I have said that I would not pick up any more self-help books. It is really not a issue to keep reading this kind of book but I think I know what to do if whatever happen, just like working out the Maths - I got the formula.

Honestly, how many of us could remember what to do during that particular time - mind went blank. 

This week, I pick up this "Treasure Yourself" by Miranda Kerr.

Do you think I am her fans.. NO... but I heard a lot about her and now is new spring/summar fashion seasons, she is in all DJ advertisment. By accident, I found that book.

It is very good to see someone working in a very complicated industry and still know how to take care herself and understand "Dignity".

Life has a lot of up and down, every turn has a lesson to learn. It is an universal message from the date we born - do you remember how we learn walking, we fall again and again and then able to walk and then run.

From her experience " I have the choice to be greatful for the time I had with him, instead of dwelling on losing him, and it made me realise that life is so fragile that we need to really live and appreciate every moment. It also taught me that no one can heal your pain but yourself and through the power of gratitude and acceptance I was able to move forward"

Of course, no one want to lose our loved one. However, when the time come, we do have to say goodbye without a choice.

It is our destiny to meet each other, know each other and have a lot of good time. It will always live in our hearts and memories.

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