Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sleeveless cardigan & Matched Booties

I like Crochet but not in clothing, sometimes the feeling of texture is too thick.

This cardigan is using both method, top part is crochet, bottom part is knitting.
The texture feel just right and have the crochet lace pattern. I really like it.
Besides that it is seamless which is very suitable for new born baby.


2 booties - More blue or more white ??

Monday, 13 June 2011

Little white dress & booties

It is the first time to knit that complicated pattern.
 I never think I can make it similar to what my mum made for us when we were young.

Sometimes if don't touch it, dirty your hand, you may not really know how to treasure what you have.
Just like this dress, it reminds me all dark blue jumpers wearing in the old day -
can't image how many times and effort put on it, especially dark blue colour.

Thanks for my friend showing me how to read pattern.
Thanks for the baby girl's mum always give me a lot of encouragement.
and Thanks for my mum knitting in front of me all the time.

Bread machine - Ciabatta Bread

第一次用麵包機做Ciabatta, 香味,口感同高級麵包屋差不多.


D個包有olive oil 做材料,香味好清,沒有牛油的濃郁味

One hour before and after , it is growing...


 第一個食法 - Ricotta cheese 加碎olive, 鹽鹽香香.

新鮮的Ricotta cheese 其實好似墩奶,好味到可以成碗食什麼都不用加

第二個食法,早餐之愛 - Olive oil +oregano+ salt.

Love the bread machine !!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Fish without fish smell

Wog 對海鮮不大興趣, 每次買魚或煮魚都好似同D細佬一樣, 傾一大餐

佢通常一入屋就話, 好魚味, 而我的答案就係 "魚如果吾係魚味, 會係什麼味呢?"

而Tuna steak 係佢唯一主動提意要食的魚. 煎之前放d 油,salt & pepper 塗在魚上, 大約+五分鍾就可以煎,  當佢係牛排咁煎就ok啦. 我通常seal both sides first, 跟着就切開一個lemon放埋落個pan 一齊煎.
因為lemon 可以除去D腥昧, 而加Dfavour . 我現在煮什麽魚都用D個方法.