Sunday, 6 November 2011

I don't know how she does it

If you are mother with young children, I would suggest you and your husband watching this movie. It would definitely make you feel better, he may know more what is in your mind, appreciate all your hard work.

Most of the young mother after their materitary leave, they have to go back to work force be a part of breadwinner.

In Hong Kong, we can employ a domestic helper to share some of your role or grandparents may help. In Australia, the mother would leave a baby (12 months) in child care every day and then go to work.  After work, they pick up baby home, give them a bath and start cooking dinner for the baby and family.

Thing sometime may not go smooth as plan. Mother can always create magic, solve the problems. That's what happen, no matter how old we are, whatever happen, the first word come out is "MUM" not "DAD" !!

Image you have an Italian mother in law at home, expecting you make pasta, sauce and sausage every year, preparing dinner with 2/3 courses every night like some people no need to work. Your husband come home, expecting dinner is in the table, the quality of cooking is same as his mum.

In that situation, you definitely need to Laugh Out Loud to keep youself claim and happy.

No one is perfect. Our imperfect make ourself more special, because no one is the same !!

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