Sunday, 27 February 2011

I love my Tomato

今年太多雨水, Tomato 的收成比往年較遲, 而且变壞的機會亦很高, 又担心又失望.

連續3 個星期六都是圍繞着它們, 剪黄葉和剪下差吾多熟的.

突然令我問問自己從時開始熱愛它們; 因為許多人會覺得我是受老公的影響. 但想起從前係香港的時候, 媽媽常買澳洲的Roma tomato, 而我放學回家就當佢蘋果那樣起吃. 平時同茶餐廳我只叫西炒飯, 早幾年就開始叫鴛鴦飯,第一瓶自己買的香水是 Versace 蕃茄葉味.So - it is definitely not because of him.

雖然收成較遲, 但係比往年大個.

How can I keep it – modified Italian way = Tomato sauce BUT I put it in freezer.
WOG - Italian point of view in my house - it is NOT acceptable, make sauce must be ........bababababababa.....
WOK - me - my dear, it would be fine and will be very safe in the freezer..
This conversation would be repeated in our whole life.

Traditional Italian way need to boil it for couple hours and then bottle it up, wrap it with blanket and let it cool down slowly (over night). If it is not boiled long enough to make the sauce thicken, it would go off very easily because of the tomato's acidity.
For me, it is not really economical and I don't want to take the risk after spending all afternoon to peel off tomato's skin plus couple of burned fingers.

It is a very simply process. Firstly, cut a cross in the bottom of tomato, put it in hot water for couple minutes. Then it will allow you to take off the skin very easily.

Put all skin-off tomato in the pot. Boil it for 30 minutes. Add some basil in it and salt.

Use the hand blender to make the sauce more smoother.

Then, simmer it for 30 - 40 minutes to thicken the sauce. It depends on how many tomato you use.

WogWok - tomato sauce

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