Sunday, 10 April 2011

I am in heaven - Homemade Pasta

In this recent years, my most favourite food is Homemade Pasta (probably since the first time I made it) with red sauce (tomato sauce) - yes, it is that simple, no complication - to cover all the natural favour.

It is also what Audrey Hepburn like - red sauce with pasta, beautiful woman and have a beautiful heart.
Every time when I have it, just feel like in heaven. It just slip to the throat smoothly.

With this pasta, you really don't need the fancy sauce. Because all your mind would only focus on the Pasta.

After making tomato sauce in past 4 weeks, it's time for pasta !!!!!!

How to make it -
1 Kg flour + 4 to 5 eggs, pinch of salt + few drops of oil - make a dough.
More eggs you put, the pasta will be more filling when you eat. You don't need to eat much.
Put it in the plastic bag, leave it for 1-3 hours in the warm atmosphere.
The dough would work it out themselves.
After few hours, take out the dough. If the dough is a bit wet, put some flour.
If not, when you make the spaghetti, they will stick together.
Use the pasta machine to roll it out different shape of pasta - all up to you.
Normally, I will use no.1 thickness in the machine for 2 times and then do no.3 thickness 1 time, then no. 6 thickness 1 time. Then no.7 thickness 1 time - the texture would be Angel hair level.
Then I boil some water and put some salt.
When the pasta is ready, put it to the boiling water. When it is done, take out the pasta and leave it under the running cold water (過冷河).
Then I divide to different portion and freeze it.
When you wants to eat it, take out the pasta for 10-15 minutes.
Heat up some sauce, put the pasta in the sauce and bring it to boil.

Rather than cook it straight away, you can dry it - put it in the clothes hangers to dry it.
But it must be dry completely, if not, it will have mould sharing your pasta sooner or later.

Yes, I don't really knead - if you give it enough time and warm atmosphere - it would come up very well.
Just like life - give time to understand , give love; you don't have to worry what will come back - it definitely is good !!

Just a little bit of time, you can get the food from heaven, what a magic !!

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