Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Incomplete Opera cake

Have flipped through my French dessert cook book in the past few weeks which was bought from online bookshop. Every picture looks great, but it always includes 4 or 5 items to compose the whole cake. Looking at the lengthy process, it is really made me hesitating.

The term of “French dessert” give me impression which is only born at Professional kitchen.
Last year, I have made a very creative cake for Jess’s birthday. So what am I going to do this year? It may be a good excuse for me to pick 1 from this book related to chocolate – OPERA CAKE - goal set!

It needs: 4 rectangular sponge cakes (thin layer), Coffee mousse – but need to make Italian meringue first
Coffee syrup, Chocolate ganache, Silky chocolate ganache topping – I leave this one, wait for next time

After prepared all items, next step is layering the cake.

First layer is sponge cake, coffee syrup, chocolate graache, then sponge cake again, coffee syrup, coffee mousse this time, repeat 2 times. All done – no, no, no. it needs to look pretty. Nearly 10 pm at night, my brain just a little exhausted, try to use the Italian Mergiue to pip rose, but I forgot how to do it. Just the name would do. It is very simple decoration but I love the silky and shiny look of the meringue.

Look at each layer - can you smell the chocolate ganache blend with coffee mousse.

Considering how much time and effort to spend, it made me understand why the cost of quality French dessert is a little bit more expensive.

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  1. Look at all those luscious layers of deliciousness in this opera cake. The ganache and coffee mousse sounds delicious. Perfect for after dinner with some coffee! :)