Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Wedding cupcakes

今次係我第二次做 event cake,感覺非常之榮幸但也十分之緊張,

新娘子是朋友的妹妹,她對我簡直信心十足, 她從來沒有試過我的蛋糕, 還沒有要求試食,
Cupcakes - 3 favours - Chocolate, Blueberry & Vanilla.
You can find all the recipes it in http://www.joyofbaking.com/
Icing is cream cheese icing & lemon mousse. I mixed few receips together just because most of guests are Asian and we don't have sweet teeth like western.

Very Happy !!

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  1. Meko, thank you very much for the cupcakes. I couldn't imagine cupcakes can be such beautiful and yummy. You are very thoughtful, you adjusted the taste and made the decoration especially for us. I always remove all the icing when I eat cupcakes as that's too sweet for me. It was my first time to finish the whole cupcake with icing and even want to eat some more. Now I know that's because of you special recipe.