Saturday, 18 September 2010

French Brioche

After Opera cake, it should be Bread time.

When I did research about Opera Cake, also found some French Bread recipe.

I don't think I have eaten Brioche before. Seeing some photos from   - very attractive - that is the motivation !

This recipe is from my favor blog -French brioche

In the beginning, the dough is incredible sticky, not much difference from porridge. I started getting worry and try to think some quick fix - add more flour, do this, do that.... But author of this recipe is a very famous blogger and also author of some magazines - so I should stick to what she said.

It comes up very light, fluffy and not really feel the butter when you eat it.
It does remind me Maxim's at home, their long sweet bread. Love it, good for breakfast, afternoon tea. I keep it in the fridge and microwave for 20 second - Perfetto !

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